How not to respond to a consumer complaint:

Check out this article regarding a clothing store called GASP!

How embarrassing! With all the PR help and advice at companies fingers tips, you would think this one could have handled things a LOT better.

Even on television shows tonight, the operations director was non apologetic and even tried to make the customer look bad. Who would want to go in GASP stores after this?

This is why I shop online!

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Let’s go Vego challenge – Update 2

The look on my sandwich lady’s face when I walked in today was priceless….

“the usual?” she asked

“well sort of” I said “Just no ham”


Toasted cheese was delicious and guilt free.

Congratulations to Animals Australia and RSCPA, and everyone else involved on today’s great news.

Live animal exports have been suspended to Indonesia today. Change is a good thing.

Here’s hoping the entire live animal export trade is put to an end for good.


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Let’s go Vego challenge – Update 1

Happy Monday!

I often suffer from Mondayitis – or Tuesdayitis if it’s after a long weekend, so by the end of the working day I just want to go home, flop, and eat.

Often on Mondays I don’t want to cook, having a full day slaving at a desk after a relaxing weekend, means the last thing I want to do is slave some more over some pots and pans. Nandos, Maccas, Pizza – all those delightful food groups often win. But tonight, well it was DIFFERENT!

I had a small battle with myself on the tram home. “Stuff it, just go and get some peri-peri chicken” and then the angel on the other shoulder was “ohhhh those poor chickens, think of that movie chicken run, how cute were they”! So I trotted to the supermarket hoping to find some quick inspiration.

It’s freezing in Melbourne at the moment, and comfort food was needed. But I also do not want to add any more layers of fat to myself. So I think I found a great solution… Quorn lasagne!

Have you heard of Quorn? It’s a super product that I first discovered when I was living in the UK a few years ago. Basically it’s a protein, a fungus (don’t let that put you off), that can be made to form products that really do taste like meat – but without the guilt – and it’s often low-fat and high in fibre. I’ll let Wikipedia explain it in more detail for you here.

With frozen lasagne cooking away in the oven, pyjamas on, glass of red poured I felt like my vegetarian dinner was pain-free and easy peasy, but more importantly, it tasted delicious!

The “let’s go vego challenge” is well on its way!

I meant to take a better, cleaner picture, but I was so hungry I just dumped it on the plate and scoffed it! YUM!

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