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What’s the problem, fatty?

This is a letter to myself, for when I get to travel back in time to 2 years ago. Hi! It’s me! I mean you! It’s us! So you’re looking fab! No, you really are! You can finally fit back … Continue reading

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I’m having a bit of a ‘Karma’ week this week. I don’t know if it’s the mental breakdown over my impending old age; four days to go people! But for some reason, I feel this massive urge to be nice to … Continue reading

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Chocolate Hedgehog

It’s one week til the big birthday. 32 years old. Faaaarrrrrk!! So I was in need of comfort food when I woke up this Sunday morning (ok that’s a lie, it was more like an afternoon wake up). Chocolate Hedgehog is … Continue reading

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