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Writer covering all things: travel, relationships, current affairs, weight, age, sex...this, that and the other! I've started this blog to write about life when I'm 32, it's about topics that interest me, and hopefully interest you!


How not to respond to a consumer complaint: Check out this article regarding a clothing store called GASP! How embarrassing! With all the PR help and advice at companies fingers tips, you would think this one could have handled things a LOT better. … Continue reading

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Let’s go Vego challenge – Update 2

The look on my sandwich lady’s face when I walked in today was priceless…. “the usual?” she asked “well sort of” I said “Just no ham” *_* Toasted cheese was delicious and guilt free. Congratulations to Animals Australia and RSCPA, … Continue reading

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Let’s go Vego challenge – Update 1

Happy Monday! I often suffer from Mondayitis – or Tuesdayitis if it’s after a long weekend, so by the end of the working day I just want to go home, flop, and eat. Often on Mondays I don’t want to … Continue reading

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