Let’s go Vego challenge – Update 1

Happy Monday!

I often suffer from Mondayitis – or Tuesdayitis if it’s after a long weekend, so by the end of the working day I just want to go home, flop, and eat.

Often on Mondays I don’t want to cook, having a full day slaving at a desk after a relaxing weekend, means the last thing I want to do is slave some more over some pots and pans. Nandos, Maccas, Pizza – all those delightful food groups often win. But tonight, well it was DIFFERENT!

I had a small battle with myself on the tram home. “Stuff it, just go and get some peri-peri chicken” and then the angel on the other shoulder was “ohhhh those poor chickens, think of that movie chicken run, how cute were they”! So I trotted to the supermarket hoping to find some quick inspiration.

It’s freezing in Melbourne at the moment, and comfort food was needed. But I also do not want to add any more layers of fat to myself. So I think I found a great solution… Quorn lasagne!

Have you heard of Quorn? It’s a super product that I first discovered when I was living in the UK a few years ago. Basically it’s a protein, a fungus (don’t let that put you off), that can be made to form products that really do taste like meat – but without the guilt – and it’s often low-fat and high in fibre. I’ll let Wikipedia explain it in more detail for you here.

With frozen lasagne cooking away in the oven, pyjamas on, glass of red poured I felt like my vegetarian dinner was pain-free and easy peasy, but more importantly, it tasted delicious!

The “let’s go vego challenge” is well on its way!

I meant to take a better, cleaner picture, but I was so hungry I just dumped it on the plate and scoffed it! YUM!

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1 Response to Let’s go Vego challenge – Update 1

  1. lindseytinsey says:

    Hmmmmmm! That really does look yum!

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