Live animal exports seeking refugee status!

I received this in my inbox today… brilliant!

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My 30 day challenge – Let’s go vego!

The debate is still raging in Australia over the live animal export issue. Though it’s not really a debate anymore, the public has made it clear they want it banned, but the Prime Minister is currently not responding. Boo Julia, Boo!

It’s amazing how many people have jumped on the band wagon, and I feel inspired being a part of such an amazing group who have kept the momentum going on this tragic situation. I wrote earlier about how angry the issue has made me. But it feels now that we may actually have a win, and I have high hopes that live animal export will cease to happen from Australia in the not too distant future.

The animal export issue was not a vegetarian one, I didn’t think, it was more about treating animals humanely in their raising and transporting and in their slaughter. Australia has strong laws on what is to happen, and makes sure suffering is kept very minimal here, but there are no such rules in places like Indonesia and the Middle East.

After witnessing the footage taken by the amazing Lyn White, I like many other people have felt sickened about animals being killed so we can have a feed. I know this has always happened, and yet I still enjoy my steak, burgers. But this time, witnessing the fear in these creatures, the time it takes to kill, has really put me off my dinner. I can still picture that one cow shaking in terror at its impending doom.

I’m putting a suggestion out there, let’s give it a go, let’s treat animals with a bit more respect and cut out meat from our diet, just give it a try for a month. The aim in doing so, for me any way, is to remind myself and my body that meat is something special, and not something that is a given to have every meal.

I remember my mother telling me, that when she was a kid having a roast chicken on a Sunday was a big deal, a special treat. I think between those days and now, with all this mass production we have lost track of what is special and where meat actually comes from and exactly what is happening to so many creatures.

After 30 days, I guess we will all go our separate ways; some back to eating meat every night of the week,others maybe a bit less in the diet, and some may even stay vego. Who knows which option I’ll be….? (Honestly, right now I’m thinking can I really give up my Station Hotel wagyu?)

So who’s with me? I love food; if you have any tasty recipes send them through. I think my body will appreciate having some more vegetables in its system.

Let me know how you get on! And for the already vegetarians out there, motivating tips are always appreciated!

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The stress reliever

After a long week of stress and anger, it’s always nice to come home to George, my Birman.

He reminds me that life should be enjoyed, don’t sweat the small stuff, and attack things with vigour!

If only a piece of material could make me that happy!

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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