Let’s go Vego challenge – Update 2

The look on my sandwich lady’s face when I walked in today was priceless….

“the usual?” she asked

“well sort of” I said “Just no ham”


Toasted cheese was delicious and guilt free.

Congratulations to Animals Australia and RSCPA, and everyone else involved on today’s great news.

Live animal exports have been suspended to Indonesia today. Change is a good thing.

Here’s hoping the entire live animal export trade is put to an end for good.


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3 Responses to Let’s go Vego challenge – Update 2

  1. lindseytinsey says:

    Cool! I got an email from the GetUp petition letting me know the good news. I wanted to sign the petition but I didn’t have an Australian area code. I am very happy for Australia and I hear this ban will reduce the meat prices???
    Tonight my mom is making soya mince with vegetables and rice for the whole family. I know she’s doing it for me though 🙂
    How sweet.

  2. Bec says:

    Such great news! Does this mean the 30 days meat free now ends??

    • being32 says:

      well, not exactly. I’m still putting in the effort and thinking about my food a lot more. I reckon it’s good to set challenges, less meat is good for the environment, my wallet and my waistline!. Oh and i have news. I totally resigned today!

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